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ORF (Opportunity Residential Fund) provides its investors with safe and effective real estate investments based on the real estate downturn due to the subprime crisis.The ORF funds are active in attractive and diverse markets with high potential and high demographic growth.

The funds purchase privately-owned residential properties with the intention of holding  them for several years until prices recover.
A realistic estimate for a fund''s life cycle is about 4-5 years. This life cycle can be shortened or lengthened subject to the recovery of the economy and real estate prices in the destination markets. The fund maintains the right to also engage in a fix and flip strategy in order to take advantage of specific opportunities for localized profits.
Investment in an ORF fund has many advantages:

Twice-yearly distributions of attractive yields to its investors. Dividend distributions from capital gains.
Risk Management - the fund aims to hold a diversified asset portfolio. The fund is not engaged in construction. The fund will keep a leverage level that will not exceed 50% of its assets.
Professional management - ORF is managed by experienced professionals with  long term strategy management.
The managers and the investors have the same interests: the manager’s profits are determined by the fund’s success.
Proven existing property management capability already in place in the target markets, including vast experience and access to foreclosed properties bought directly from the banks at attractive prices.
Reliability and quality -  A convenient and efficient investment platform, providing transparency and confidence to the fund’s investors throughout the fund’s existence.



ORF Area of interest:

ORF will focus on purchasing residential assets in the metropolitan areas of Phoenix, Orlando and Las Vegas. Potential alternative markets are Tucson, Tampa and Jacksonville. In Denver the fund will initially focus on fix and flip deals. If additional urban markets become attractive and relevant, with a sufficient quantity of investment opportunities, then such markets will be considered by the fund managers.

Fund type:

ORF Gold - Private Investors
A relatively small, dynamic private investment fund with a capital ciling of $1,000,000. This fund is comprised of investment units of $50,000. Each investor can purchase up to six units. The fund, which is characterized by its flexibility and dynamic nature, can sell and change markets more rapidly than bigger funds. The investors will be entitled to twice yearly distributions at projected attractive yields. A private fund can be established for a specific group of investors.

ORF Premium - Tailor Made Fund
Investment funds aimed at capital intensive and institutional investors. The terms and capital ceilings of the funds will be customized for the needs and capabilities of the investors and will be based on the business plan of the ORF funds.


Contact information:

To receive additional information about the ORF funds please contact us by telephone or by e-mail 

ORF Israel:

13 Bartenura St. , Tel-Aviv, Israel, 62282
Tel: +972-3-6049214
Fax: +972-3-6049215


165 N. Redwood Dr., Suite #250,
San Rafael, CA, 94903
Tel: +001-415-927-7504
Fax: +001-415-924-7869
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